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Church History - 1901-2015

The Sims Chapel Baptist Church was organized on October 31, 1901 by Rev. J.C. Evans and others. Under the leadership of Mr. Bart Sims with the help of Mr. Press Quiller and Mr. George Alexander, the group purchased land on Clinton Highway, about a mile from the town of Whitmire on December 31, 1902. The church was completed in 1903 and named in honor of Mr. Bart Sims. Rev. J.C. Evans was named as the pastor. In the 1920’s the church’s front façade was altered to provide more space and improve the building’s appearance. The church building was a wooden structure, featuring two front steeples.

During the history, Sims Chapel has been served by the following pastors: Rev. J.C. Evans, Rev. F.L. Sanders, Rev. W.R. Reeder, Rev. Samuel F. Hosley, Rev. Henry Gilliam, Rev. P. Wallace, Rev. D.B. Boyd, Rev. S.M. Hightower, Rev. N. R. Matthews and presently, Rev. H. Michael Williams.

In 1957, the congregation decided to erect the current brick building. Church leadership at the time included: M.M. Fant; Chairman of Deacon Board, James Rayford; Treasurer, Deacons; Leroy James, Eugene Williams, Ervin Means, Yulus Sanders, James Davis, Ed Prather and Ruby Sanders as Secretary, Mary D. Whitener was later named as the assistant Secretary. To their great joy, the final mortgage payment was made a decade later. Deaconess included : Ruth Fant, Ophelia Kelly, Bell Spates, Alverma Means, Marie James, Marie Rayford, & Fannie Williams. Mrs. Belle Bailey was a life long musician for the church.

Following the death of Rev. D.B. Boyd in 1968, the church hired Rev. S.M. Hightower. Worship service was move from Sunday evenings to Sunday mornings. Under Rev. Hightower’s tenure, an Education Building was added to the church, featuring Sunday school classrooms, a lounge, and a fellowship hall. The church also installed a heating and air conditioning system. Church leadership at this time included James Lane; Chairman of Trustees, Samuel Fant; Chairman of Deacons, Edward Jeter, C.C. Kelly, Seth Spates, and Mangle Sanders.

In 1978 Rev. N.R. Matthews became the pastor. During Rev. Matthews tenure, the front façade was again altered, the fellowship hall enlarged and weekly Bible Study was instituted. The church’s membership and ministries expanded.

After Rev. Matthews departure in 2006, Minister Joyce Murphy served as Interim Pastor, Rev. H. Michael Williams was called to Sims Chapel in 2007. Under his leadership, membership has grown to 146, with over 126 being active. Minister Joyce Murphy and Minister Willie Hair were ordained. Bro. Jim Mobley and Bro. Otis Ettson have been ordained as deacons to become leaders with Deacon Isaiah Rice, (8) deaconess have been appointed. Deaconess Vennie Jacobs was appointed as Chairperson , Deaconess Mary Epps, Deaconess Ernestine Vanlue, Deaconess Anna Mobley and Deaconess Linda Hair, were appointed along to help Deaconess Mary Rice. Sis. Margaret Rikard, Sis. Sarah Ettson, and Sis. Gail Sartor were recently appointed. Sis. Ruby Sanders was named as mother of the church after the passing of Mother Marie Suber. Sis. Emma Jeter was appointed as Secretary and Sis. Eryn Quiller as Financial Secretary, along with Bro. Dwight Lane as Chairperson of Trustees. The trustee board has increased with (19) trustees and jr. trustees. Deaconess Anna Mobley was appointed Treasurer and Sis. Mariah Quiller as Superintendent. Under his tenure, Min. Amy Worthy was named as one of the assistants who now is studying to be ordained. Associates include: Rev. Willie Hair, Rev. Joyce Murphy, Evangelist Betty Jeter, and Min. Amy Worthy.

Many ministries were organized to include: New Members, Marriage, Seniors, Youth, Singles, Health, Beautification, Transportation, Intercessory Prayer, Advisory Committee and recently a Communication Ministry. Bible Study has grown tremendously along with Sunday School.

Our Cemetery has been upgraded to a lovely Memorial Garden, New chairs were purchased for the choir stands, a new P/A system has been installed, new bathroom addition to pastor’s study has been added. A new look to the front entrance was enhanced with a canopy over the doorway. A new church sign placed on the front of the church. Land and house adjacent to the church was purchased and cleared for more parking spaces. A new roof has been added to the church.

In the year of 2015, Pastor Williams vision for the church is "New Orders-New Beginnings". We are pressing for greater and higher expectations and miracles in the Lord.

In the year of 2015, Pastor Williams vision for the church is "New Orders-New Beginnings". We are pressing for greater and higher expectations and miracles in the Lord.