15 Sims Chapel Church Rd. Whitmire, SC 29178

Vision Statement

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Sims Chapel Baptist Church is to edify the Kingdom of God by leading people to our loving Savior Jesus Christ trough education, evangelism, and fellowship.

Vision Statement


To share the Good news of Jesus Christ with the resident of the Whitmire Community and the world, to help them experience the abundant Blessing of Christ.

To be a safe haven where lost souls find love, acceptance, guidance, forgiveness, hope and restoration.


To genuinely interact with God in a powerful worship setting which leads to a life changing spiritual growth and development


To demonstrate that we are true followers and worshipper of Christ by engaging in loving deeds with those who are part of this fellowship, the community and the people of the world.


To aid the spiritual growth of congregants through preaching and teaching, classes, seminars and retreats in an efforts to produce life-changing spiritual maturity.

Leadership Development

To teach the principles of servant-leadership and be a place where each person is equipped to be a reproducing spiritual leader.


To be a “church within a church” where students area developed into devoted followers of Christ and then commissioned to go out and impact the world for Jesus Christ


To be a holistic ministry that equips individuals to build strong families and communities by engaging the body, mind, and soul.

Purpose Statement

The Sims Chapel Baptist Church is a family of believers with a passion for Christ and kingdom building manifested through education, evangelism, and fellowship


"Projecting the SON on Our Community through Faith, Hope and Love."