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"Projecting the SON on Our Community through Faith, Hope and Love."

Church History- 1901-2015

he Sims Chapel Baptist Church was organized on October 31, 1901 by Rev. J.C. Evans and others. Under the leadership of Mr. Bart Sims with the help of Mr. Press Quiller and Mr. George Alexander, the group purchased land on Clinton Highway, about a mile from the town of Whitmire on December 31, 1902. The church was completed in 1903 and named in honor of Mr. Bart Sims. Rev. J.C. Evans was named as the pastor. In the 1920’s the church’s front façade was altered to provide more space and improve the building’s appearance. The church building was a wooden structure, featuring two front steeples.

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Mission Statement

To encourage young people to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ in their youth, to gain knowledge through God's word and share it with other youth, to grow as disciples, to reach out to others inviting them into Christian fellowship.

Ecclesiastes 12:1 Don't let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and no longer enjoy living.

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Vision Statement


To share the Good news of Jesus Christ with the resident of the Whitmire Community and the world, to help them experience the abundant Blessing of Christ.

To be a safe haven where lost souls find love, acceptance, guidance, forgiveness, hope and restoration.

To genuinely interact with God in a powerful worship setting which leads to a life changing spiritual growth and development Love

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Purpose Statement

The Sims Chapel Baptist Church is a family of believers with a passion for Christ and kingdom building manifested through education, evangelism, and fellowship